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 Doctor Who - The Complete History

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PostSubject: Doctor Who - The Complete History   Thu May 18, 2017 1:12 am

I have gotten quite a few of these volumes from the UK, and I noticed today that WhoNA has some of the volumes listed.

Here is what you get in each volume per story;

Each story is divided into 10 sections;
Introduction - a single page from the editor.
Story - a synopsis of each story episode by episode.
Pre-Production - discusses the initial work on the story with casting and notes on scripts.
Production -  discusses location and studio work.
Post-Production - discusses any issues with completing the story and how editing went.
Publicity - how the story was promoted in different publications and any special trailers.
Broadcast - ratings and any changes in scheduled showings as well as competition.
Merchandise - books, videos, toys and other products.
Cast & Crew - everyone involved in the making of the story
Profile - features one member of the production either and actor, director, writer or even producer.

My personal thoughts;

As a fan of the old Archive and current Fact of Fiction features of Doctor Who Magazine these do repeat a great deal of that info.  However, if you have never read those features then these books are excellent resources for learning about the behind the scenes facts of Doctor Who.  

Volume 15 which covers the first three stories of Jon Pertwee's tenure as the Doctor has Barry Letts, Jon Pertwee, and Caroline John as the three biographies featured.  

There are the odd typos here and there, and the Merchandise section sometimes pictures an item that was mislabeled or forgotten about. Usually the toys.

Overall, a very well put together publication. I just ordered two editions I did not get from the UK yet, and I do hope that WhoNA is going to be getting more of these.
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PostSubject: Re: Doctor Who - The Complete History   Thu May 18, 2017 10:25 am

VERY happy to see these here. I had been purchasing from my local comic shop who was pretty hit and miss with getting these in, often forcing me to hunt online auctions and such. However, post-Brexit, exchange rates came down enough to where I could pick up volumes from UK based sellers cheaper than on the US secondary market. Having said this, if WhoNA will be as dependable on getting these in I will begin ordering here as it would definitely be my preference 😊
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Doctor Who - The Complete History
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