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 Titan Vinyls for Trade/Sale

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PostSubject: Titan Vinyls for Trade/Sale   Sun Oct 09, 2016 1:35 am

Hey there!

Just back from NYCC where I picked up a few Titan Vinyl figures. I wasn't all that interested in the "Good Man" set outside of getting a Curator. I bought one box on Thursday and pulled a Dorium. I pulled another box on Friday... and also got a Dorium!

I also picked up a couple of the Titan Star Trek vinyls as well. Had pretty good luck there, no rares, but I did manage to get 4 of the 1/20 figures. But I drew Two of the same Kirks. When I went back to the Titan table to trade (something I've been able to do for at least the last two conventions) for open figures/other people's trades, I was told "There were none open." When I pointed out that there were 4 Star Trek figures (All 2/20) out on top of the box and a whole bunch of Doctor Who figures from various waves (including the elusive Curator!) I was told they were for "display." There were trades happening, but apparently only for other blind boxes and not for opens. Maybe this changed today. Slightly chagrined, I left and didn't attempt to get back to Titan to see if they were more lax at end of day. (I did notice they only 2 boxes of the Trek vinyls on the table, compared to 10 for the Good Man set, so I wonder if the Trek figures weren't moving all that fast.)

This is all a very long preamble to say... I have a couple figures to trade:

11th Doctor "Good Man" Collection
2x Dorium (Will trade for a curator, River Song or Idris/$8+shipping to buy)

Star Trek "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Collection
1x Kirk in Standard Gold Uniform (Will trade Spock, McCoy, Khan, Sulu, Scotty, Chapel or Balok OR for a Curator/$8+shipping to buy)

I'll be adding some of my older Titan Vinyls in the coming days, so do please check back

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Titan Vinyls for Trade/Sale
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